• Fire safety in the community-Sprinklers

      We play a key leadership role in helping people to better understand the benefits of sprinklers as part our commitment to reducing the impact of fire on people, property and the environment in Mashhad.
        There is clear evidence that sprinklers can be effective in the suppressing fires quickly.
      Sprinklers can reduce:
      • death and injury from fire
      • the risks to firefighters
      • damage to property and heritage
      • the effects of arson
      • the environmental impact of fire
      • fire costs and the disruption to the community and business

      Our focus

      While sprinklers play a positive role in reducing the human impact and economic and environmental cost of fire in any building they are installed in, we believe that our focus should be directed to those properties where the most significant impact can be achieved:
      • Schools
      • Residential care homes
      • Domestic premises housing the most vulnerable

      • Commercial premises that present a significant risk due to their size, construction or use  
      We are working to contact the owners and operators of these types of buildings in Mashhad and have developed a leaflet that outlines some of the key benefits of installing sprinklers to help with this

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