• Fire safety at work-Emergency plan

      You must provide an emergency plan. This will be specific to the premises and will detail the pre-planned procedures in place for use in the event of a fire.
      The emergency plan must be recorded where:
      • A licence under an enactment is in force.
      • An Alterations Notice under the Fire Safety Order requires it.
      • You are an employer and have five or more employees.
      This must (where appropriate) include the following features:
      • Action on discovering a fire.
      • Warning if there is a fire.
      • Calling the fire brigade.
      • Evacuation of the premises including those particularly at risk.
      • Power/process isolation.
      • Places of assembly and roll call.
      • Liaison with emergency services.
      • Identification of key escape routes.
      • The firefighting equipment provided.
      • Specific responsibilities in the event of a fire.
      • Training required.
      • Provision of information to relevant persons.

      Remember to test your emergency plan by practicing it and if necessary discuss it with your local emergency services

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