• Mashhad Fire Brigade

      The Fire fighting organization of Mashhad is the second largest Fire brigade in Iran which providing fires protection, search and rescue, and other critical public safety services to residents and visitors. Today we have more than 1000 firefighters and fire commanders with 44 stations in 3 districts and more than 250 technical fire Engines. This accomplishment requires a consistent and daily commitment to maintaining the Department’s core values of Service, Bravery, Safety, Honor, Dedication and Preparedness. To that end, Mashhad firefighting members are sworn to serve and protect life and property.

      Mashhad fire brigade not only responds to more than 12000 emergencies every year, its personnel also strive to prevent them by continually educating the public in fire, life safety and disaster preparedness, along with enforcing public safety regulations. We are here to make Mashhad a safer city. Our vision is to be a world class fire and rescue service for citizens and visitors

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